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KnoWEwell was created because we believe we have a way to improve the health of humanity and our planet, and it’s right at our fingertips — Regenerative Whole Health™ (RWH).

We’re building a global community and marketplace - one trusted destination to share today's RWH knowledge and healing success stories, access evidence-based resources, create meaningful connections, and help today’s providers, mission-aligned nonprofits, and business opportunities prosper.

Together we’re a RWH ecosystem collaborating to inspire and empower individuals to achieve WELLthier Living™ — Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled.

We’re transforming the healthcare we know. We are KnoWEwell.

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Regenerative whole health™

Regenerative Whole Health™ — Your DNA is your Ancestry, not your Destiny.

We’re changing how you view your health: Bridging the knowledge gap, connecting the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices, planet and people health;  Centralizing ancient healing wisdom and today’s innovations and most current evidence-based science and technology; Providing immersive learning opportunities, access to evidence-based tools and better-matched connections to today’s RWH providers and organizations who know how to prevent and address the root causes of chronic diseases.

Everything you need to take control and make better informed personal health and well-being decisions for you and your family and find peace of mind throughout your life journey.

KnoWEwell is The One WE to Inspire and Empower ME in Unity.

International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH)

Transforming Healthcare | Award-Winning

KnoWEwell was honored to receive the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies” award from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) for our contribution to healthcare, industry impact, and spirit of innovation.

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Be Well

Learn from and find your best-matched, vetted RWH providers, inspire others, find hope, be empowered to heal, and optimize your health and well-being.


Heal Well

Share your knowledge, be recognized and appreciated, connect with individuals/patients searching for you, improve patient health outcomes and your job satisfaction


We Well

Ecosystem knowledge sharing and benefits: global healing, health, and medicine practices, clinics, hospitals, centers, retreats, professional organizations, academia, organic farmers, mission-aligned nonprofits, innovators, product & services companies and employers.


Dr. Jack Kall, IAOMT Executive Chairman

“KnoWEwell is the Perfect Partner to Educate”

“KnoWEwell is the perfect partner to educate individuals and their families seeking to learn more about our research and find health practitioners who can partner with them to reach their goals for optimal health.”
Dr. Jack Kall, IAOMT Executive Chairman
Dr. Len Wisneski

“Extremely Impressive”

“I am extremely impressed with the concept, approach, the platform, and most important, KnoWEwell’s Founder’s sense of mission and dedication.”
Len Wisneski, MD, FACP


“KnoWEwell is an organizational genius implementing hundreds of moving parts into the most comprehensive, information-delivering Holistic website I have ever seen.”
Joe Dunne, Natural Awakenings COO

“There is no simple way to describe KnoWEwell but Think Big!”

“WebMD, meets, HomeAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed for Regenerative Whole Health, all in one place for the benefit of everyone.”
Joe Dunne, Natural Awakenings COO
Dr. Bill Manhan


“This type of program has been talked about for the past 15 years, and now KnoWEwell has finally made it happen. Amazing!”
Bill Manahan, MD, Past AIHM President
Shannon Sabol

“Everything I Need”

“KnoWEwell has it all! I have been praying for one trusted centralized resource to learn, find the answers, the providers and hope to address the root cause of my debilitating chronic condition.”
Shannon Sabol
Beth Kelly

“The Value is Priceless”

“The peace of mind KnoWEwell provides with a safe space, depth of knowledge, and giving programs far exceed the price of their membership. The value truly is Priceless!”
Beth Kelly

Forever Grateful To Our Founding Patrons



Together WE Inspire & Empower a
WELLthier Living World™...

Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled.

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