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Improve your health and well-being.

  • The 90 Day Lifestyle Upgrade ($297 value)Discover How EASY It Can Be To Forever Free Yourself And Your Loved Ones From The Invisible Poisons In Your Everyday Meals…
  • Award-winning film Secret IngredientsThis powerful, award-winning film by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart shares remarkable stories of people who regain their health after discovering the secret ingredients in their food and making a bold commitment to avoid them.
  • Jeffrey Smith Private Q&A Forum Private Forum, ask questions and get answers by Jeffrey Smith and colleagues
  • Quarterly Exclusive Jeffrey Smith live eventsGet exclusive access and meet Jeffrey Smith live each quarter as he hosts expert guests that will help you on your journey to Live Healthy and Be Well.
  • 10% off Azure Standard healthy groceries10% off healthy groceries by Azure Standard (6 orders of at least $100)
EXPLORER Regenerative Whole Health Benefits:
  • Hub AccessThe safe, secure, and private Regenerative Whole HealthTM (RWH) Hub.
  • Personal Profile Personalize your profile to reflect your interests to help you and other members find best-matched connections and the latest information.
  • Privacy Personalize your privacy settings to control your visibility.
  • Notifications Personalize your notification settings to control communications.
  • What's New (Community) Stay updated on the latest knowledge and resources and engage with the community in our live feed, What's New.
  • Best-Matched Providers Find best-matched screened, verified, and background checked RWH providers based on your needs, values, and preferences.
  • Community Directories Explore our directories to find like-minded community members, mission-aligned organizations, nonprofits, and ventures, and even RWH jobs and other professional opportunities.
  • Global Events and Webinars Search for global Regenerative Whole HealthTM webinars and other events hosted by credentialed providers, experts, and professional organizations, ranging from learning courses that offer CME/CE to nonprofit community events, 5-K runs, and more.
  • Health and Well-Being A-Z Search over 1,400 natural medicines evidence-based descriptions, safety, and effectiveness ratings and interactions.
  • Education Center Use dynamic search filters to access live and on-demand Regenerative Whole HealthTM educational webcasts and other events featuring a variety of health and well-being topics, hosted by providers, experts, and thought-leading organizations.
  • No Pop-up Ads No disruptive pop-up ads in the Hub!
  • Private Data We never sell your data!



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Engage and expand your knowledge.

  • A Magnificent New Normal ($108 value)50 plus video talks with world health well-being experts
  • Healing from GMOs ($199 value)Jammed packed videos on healing from GMOs, Roundup and staying healthy
  • Monthly Exclusive Jeffrey Smith live eventsGet exclusive access and meet Jeffrey Smith live each month as he hosts expert guests that will help you on your journey to Live Healthy and Be Well.
  • 15% off Azure Standard healthy groceries15% off your groceries for 6 months with Azure Standard (6 orders of at least $100)
PATHFINDER Regenerative Whole Health Benefits:
  • 100+ Moderated Topic Groups Join one or more 100+ moderated, topic-specific Groups with vetted multimedia curated content, insights, and features such as a live feed, events, book store, and more.
  • Personalized Weekly Digest Receive a personalized weekly email highlighting recent and relevant activity in the Hub.
  • What's New (Personalized) Quickly get updates from all your topic-specific Groups by checking own personalized What's New feed.
  • POWER SEARCH Access our POWER SEARCH tool, which aggregates all of the global multimedia content and evidence-based resources from the Hub into one powerful database with advanced search filters.
  • Personal Content Library Bookmark content from the POWER SEARCH and other areas of the Hub to create your own personal content library (My Library).
  • 100+ Expert Programs ($500+ value) Access over 100 and growing educational experts Regenerative Whole Health learning programs. New programs are added each month for no extra charge.
  • Healing Programs –  10%-25% Off
  • Personal Learning LibraryCurate your own learning library. Learn at your own pace and easily manage all of your learning courses and programs in one place.
  • Certification Labels A-Z Access our database with descriptions of over 40 label certifications, including allowable synthetic and nonsynthetic substances.
  • Learning Courses – 10% Off Receive 10% discount on purchases of other educational courses and programs from the world's leading experts.


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Take control of your health.

Includes LHBW Pathfinder, PLUS:
  • Weekly Live Expert Q&A Private Group access, ask health and well-being questions, get answers in real-time on a weekly basis with Dr. Tom O'Bryan, renowned autoimmune disease expert and KnoWEwell's Chief Health Officer.
  • 100+ Expert Q&A ForumsAccess 100+ specific topic Group Forums to ask health and well-being questions, find answers from and engage with providers and experts, make meaningful connections with other like-minded members, and find peace of mind throughout your life journey.
  • Natural MedicinesTM ($167 value)Access Natural MedicinesTM database ($167 value), the most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and complementary and integrative therapies. Updated daily, some of its offerings include:
    • Interactive Safety Tools Interactive safety tools such as a drug/herb interaction checker, an adverse-effects checker, and a nutrient-depletion checker.
    • Supplement Product Ratings Easy-to-use industry-leading NMBER® safety and effectiveness ratings for 185,000 natural medicines supplements.
  • Dr. Tom O'Bryan: Betrayal ($97 value) Dr. Tom O'Bryan scoured the Earth to get the leading minds on autoimmune disease to share their ground-breaking information, newest ideas, and solutions that will help people, just like you, turn their lives around for the better.
  • WELLthier Living®($30 value)Accelerate your journey to WELLThier Living - Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled - with this self-paced, 30-day, 3- minutes-a-day course led by Dr. Madiha Saeed, HolisticMom, MD!
  • Learning Courses – 20% Off Receive a 20% discount on purchases of other educational courses and programs from the world's leading experts.



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