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Become an integral part of our private, secure like-minded ecosystem with personal respect and benefits for all:


Create your personal Profile and select the Topic Groups that match your interests

Personalize your privacy and notifications settings

Access to our trusted Community Directory of screened, verified, and checked provider members

  • KnoWEwell screens each provider member with a comprehensive intake process, which includes reviewing the provider's credentials and references
  • To provide you will additional peace of mind, we utilize a third party to check the credentials and licenses of Silver Member Providers and identify them as CHECKED in their Professional Profile
  • Achieve the highest level of trust by completing a third-party background check and we will tag your Professional Profile as VERIFIED

Search our Organizational Directory for screened, mission-aligned provider, product and services businesses


Improve your health outcomes with better matched connections to providers and other community members through our two-way matching based on your needs, values, and preferences:


Use our advanced search-and-match feature to help you find your best-matched Regenerative Whole Health™ provider within the community based on your specific needs, values, and preferences in addition to health condition, healing therapies, treatments, and approaches, specialties, and more

Get to know your provider before you make an appointment by viewing their in-depth provider profile and portfolio that may include multi-media content such as a video introduction, articles, white papers, and infographics


The one trusted, centralized source for today’s Regenerative Whole Health™ knowledge for you to grow personally, make optimal health and well-being choices, and prevent and address your chronic conditions.


Expand your Regenerative Whole Health™ knowledge (e.g., preventative meaures, approaches, and therapies addressing the root causes of disease) with access to KnoWEwell's multi-media content from vetted sources:

  • Credentialed, screened, checked, and verified providers, professional organizations, experts, researchers, scientists, organic farmers, nonprofits, and mission-aligned product and services companies

Based on your notification settings, you may receive personalized content from providers, sponsors, and others on the topics that interest you.

Utilize advanced search and filter features to find the information you are looking for, bookmark content, and create your own personal content library (My Library)


Access the Natural Medicines™ database to check the safety, effectiveness, and interactions of the medicines and supplements you use (see additional information below)


Learn your way through Live Feed, News, Live Events, Webinars and Learning Courses, Media Center, Topic Groups, and more:


Check in often to keep up to date with the community's posting:

  • In the News section find vetted content from all the Topic Groups
  • Access our Live Feed home page for community sharing of the latest news, healing success stories, and empowering knowledge
  • Share your knowledge with the community, engage and contribute to the community through Live Feed posts.

Join one or more Topic Groups and get the Live Feed, Events, and News content tailored to your Topic Group

Explore the Education Center to purchase and enroll in online learning courses from providers, professional organizations, and other experts

  • Enroll and access the free COVID-19 learning course
  • Enroll and access bestselling author Dr. Madiha Saeed's free learning course Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease, with bonus downloadable shopping list and cookbook.
  • Enroll and access the free 3 Minutes 30 days to Better Health learning course
  • Receive discounts on learning courses

KnoWEwell is your outlet to find and attend live events and webinars through our dynamic Events Directory and Webinar Calendar:

  • Search global dynamic Events Directory to register and participate in live learning events by credentialed providers and professional organizations, and nonprofit events such as fundraisers like fun runs
  • Search the Webinar Calendar and attend live webinars offered by other credentialed providers, professional organizations, sponsors, and our nonprofit partners
  • Access webinars on demand through the Knowledge Center or your Topic Group Media Center

Search and attend live events and webinars offered by providers in your Topic Group

Keep up to date with live events and webinars geared to your Topic Group by looking for notifications in Activity Digest, your weekly email highlighting what you might have missed and what not to miss


Access databases to check the safety and effectiveness of natural medicines:


Discover and search through Knowledge Center's evidence-based database of 1,400 natural medicines' safety and effectiveness

Access Knowledge Center for on-demand KnoWEwell co-hosted webinars with providers, professional organizations, sponsors, and other experts

Access, view, or download Group Topic Media Center knowledge and resources, including videos, white papers, articles, infographics, and on-demand webinars


Access Natural Medicines™, the same database used by thousands of providers, for evidence-based information and guidance on the safety and effectiveness of natural medicines, dietary supplements, and alternative therapies, including:

  • 170,000 commercially available natural products
  • 1,200 natural ingredients
  • 200 complementary and alternative treatments
  • Drug interactions with conventional medicines
  • Nutrients depleted by conventional medicines
  • Safe, natural medicines for pregnant and lactating women
  • COVID-19 Advisory, a list of ingredients contained in products that have received warnings from the FDA for fraudulent claims related to COVID-19
  • FDA Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory, an FDA list of unlawful ingredients in dietary supplements

Make an impact, be inspired, join the community, and achieve WELLthier Living™:


Share your healing success good news to inspire hope in other members

Check out the Good News Topic Group and our weekly Activity Digest to be inspired by other members

Use the Projects Directory to engage with nonprofits (volunteer your time, treasures, and talents), learn about innovations in Regenerative Whole Health™, and consider investment opportunities and partnerships with seed, growing, and established businesses

Access moderated Topic Group Forums to engage with providers and experts, make meaningful connections with other like-minded members, and find peace of mind throughout your life journey


Engage in private messaging between members


Find Regenerative Whole Health™ jobs, internships, mentorships, volunteer and project opportunities, and work with like-minded people by searching the Opportunities Directory


Use KnoWEwell Referral Points to renew or upgrade your membership plan or for member services, products, learning courses, and more.


Earn KnoWEwell Referral Points for new member referrals using your unique referral code

Earn KnoWEwell Referral Points for content creation and knowledge sharing in our Topic Groups and forums


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