Paleo Approved - Camel


The Paleo Approved Certification Program certifies Farms and Ranches that meet requirements for species-appropriate diet, and environmentally beneficial husbandry practices. Differing from other Paleo Certifications, Paleo Approved Standards vary by species.

Applied Standards

Camels are raised on pesticide-free, synthetic fertilizer-free pasture and provided a natural, species-appropriate diet consisting of forbes, browse, and grasses for the duration of its lifetime. Feed of livestock may not include corn, soy, or soybean oil, cereal grains (except oats), milk replacers containing antibiotics or growth hormones, non-protein sources of nitrogen, antibiotics, hormones. Farmers must comply with any local, state, and federal requirements for Camels production. Paleo Approved Program Requirements do not preclude the Veterinary Practices Act of their State. All camel must be free-range, antibiotic free, and hormone-free. All Shipping, Management of Slaughter Facilities, and Processing Guidelines must coincide with aforementioned Paleo Approved requirements. Paleo Approved Requirements must not be compromised during transportation, or by slaughterhouse management or employees. All State, Federal, and Provincial Guidelines must be adhered to during the Paleo Approved certification period.


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