We All Have A Part To Play





The KnoWEwell Collaborative

A Regenerative Whole Health global movement inspiring businesses, nonprofits, professional organizations, colleges and universities, and the practitioners and professionals they have helped educate to work together to transform healthcare.

Our programs amplify the impact of our network, so we can help individuals prevent harm and address chronic disease to ensure the thriving regenerative future of humanity and our planet.

Together we inspire and empower a WELLthier Living World –
Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled.



OUR MODELHow KnoWEwell contributes and amplifies our impact, and you can join too. 

KnoWEwell Giving Programs:

  • KnoWEwell donates 1% of net sales to mission-aligned nonprofits and provides in-kind services to help them grow their mission and educational programs for practitioners and consumers. 
  • KnoWEwell donates 2 for 1 membership to individuals and U.S. Veterans in need. 
  • KnoWEwell donates 10% net membership sales, plus 10% of net profits from our Health Store to the Regenerative Whole Health Fund to help cover the out-of-pocket costs of practitioners in our network. Patients create campaigns and enter the KnoWEwell practitioner(s) they are seeking to fund services; they raise funds and KnoWEwell issues grants to help supplement out-of-pocket costs. 

Practitioner Collaborative Membership

Here’s how it works:

  • Join and become a trusted provider in our network
  • Submit your Collaborative application
  • Commit to: 
    • Donate 1% of net sales to the nonprofit Regenerative Whole Health Fund and/or
    • Donate your professional services to at least 1 person or U.S. Veteran in need per year
    • Provide ongoing 10% discount for all KnoWEwell members in need and that are utilizing Regenerative Whole Health Fund gift cards for payment
    • Provide all KnoWEwell members with a 10% discount on their first service with you

KnoWEwell will:

  • Recognize you on The KnoWEwell Collaborative Partners website page 
  • Recognize you on your professional profile and organization profile in the community 
  • Provide you with the right to use our logo on your website
  • Recognize you as a trusted provider in the KnoWEwell Regenerative Whole Health Fund

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