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Details of Participation

You must be an approved KnoWEwell provider member and stay active.

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Get Started

 1. Apply.

2. Check your email from

3. Activate your membership

  • Create your account
  • Complete the professional and business forms and submit your credentials.
  • Submit a Form W-9 by email to or mail it to KnoWEwell, P.B.C., Attn. Accounting, P.O. Box 154, Far Hills, NJ 07931. 

4. Screening, Verification, and Background Check

  • KnoWEwell will screen your application.
  • You will receive a separate email from Universal Background Screening requesting your approval for them to verify your credentials and conduct a background check.

5. Approval and Welcome

  • Upon our approval, your completed forms will automatically populate both your professional and organizational profiles in KnoWEwell's Regenerative Whole Health Hub (the "Hub").
  • You will receive a welcome email with:
    • Access link to the Hub, and
    • The Thought Leaders Consortium Guide for easy reference and links so you know what and where to publish and engage in the Hub to maximize your earnings.
  • You can edit your professional profile, as well as enhance it by creating a personalized, multimedia portfolio to showcase your unique healing arts to help members get to know you better, facilitate better-matched connections and drive better health outcomes.
  • KnoWEwell will:
    • add you as the featured expert in your topic-specific Group ("Topic Group"),
    • add your B-CHECKED badge to your professional profile, and 
    • send you a KnoWEwell badge to use on your website and social media, and to customize your profile image in the Hub.


Publish Your Educational Content

  • Publish new or syndicate your multimedia content. We embed a conical code to identify your website as the master, so it does not affect your SEO. Content can be submitted both manually or automated through an application interface (API). 
  • Manually submit your educational written and multimedia content (collectively, "content") for review and publishing. Content may be in various forms including articles, infographics, white papers, clinical studies, e-books, videos, and podcasts. You may submit new content or repurpose your existing content, and it does need to be educational, and evidence-based. Written content should include citations.
  • Utilize KnoWEwell API for high-volume multimedia syndication to automate publishing and increase your earning opportunities.
  • Schedule your KnoWEwell-hosted webcasts (e.g., empowering education, new research, inspiring patient healing success stories, your latest book launch) and receive ongoing opt-in lead generation. 
  • Submit your previously recorded educational webcast content and receive ongoing opt-in lead generation.
  • KnoWEwell’s editorial team and peer-review advisors choose whether to publish the content you submit based on whether it is educational, mission-aligned, and relevant, among other criteria. 
  • KnoWEwell's system will begin tracking the reads/views of your content and your engagement with the KnoWEwell community.


Be Featured

  • You will be a featured expert on the Live Feed page in a Topic Group in your area of expertise, which will include your image and title plus a hyperlink to your professional profile in the Hub.
  • Your published educational content will be searchable in KnoWEwell’s POWER SEARCH. Additionally:
    • Each time your written content or your webcast/webinar is selected and read/viewed we will recommend more articles or webcast/webinars by you.
    • Your content will be featured and promoted in select Topic Group news and in What's New, the community-wide live feed. From time to time, KnoWEwell may also select your content to be featured in its monthly newsletter to members and on social media.


Engage with the Community

  • Post answers, comments, and content in the Hub:
    • Post in What's New, the live feed to the entire global community and/or a Topic Group's Live Feed.
    • Answer questions or start a discussion in the global community-wide Q&A Forum, as well in your Topic Group's Forum and any of the other 100+ Topic Group Forums.
    • Comment on other members’ posts.
  • Example posts:
    • Quick health and well-being tips (e.g., "golden nuggets”, “pearls of wisdom," inspiring quotes) using words, an image, or a short video.
    • Share the content piece you just published through KnoWEwell with a note to inspire members to access that content. 
    • Promote your upcoming educational webinar, summit, program, etc.
  • Plus, advanced search filters allow you to find your best-matched audience based on member-selected interests and target market directly to those who have opted-in to notifications.


Get Paid

1. Earning Points

  • Each time your published educational content (i.e., insights/articles, white papers, clinical studies, e-books, videos, podcasts, webinars, and infographics) is read/viewed through POWER SEARCH, it earns points.  The length and complexity (e.g. evidence-based citations) of your content are considered in weighting the point value of each type of content. 
  • Each time you post, respond to a question or comment on the post of a member in the community from your account, points are assigned to the activity. The benefit added to the members is considered in weighting the point value of engagement (e.g., responding to health and well-being questions in a Forum is weighted more than a simple marketing post).

2. Educational Content Requirements

  • KnoWEwell’s goal is to inspire and empower individuals to achieve WELLthier LivingTM, happy, healthy, abundant, purpose-filled living. Therefore, content shall first, and foremost, educate or inspire members.
  • Educational content shall not be used as a hard sell for a particular product or service. While KnoWEwell appreciates your content may include a non-educational component, please consider KnoWEwell’s objectives before submitting it. Kindly note, members are paying a membership fee for a non-disruptive (i.e., no pop-up ad) experience that helps make their health journey easier.
  • Educational written content must include citations (example). 

3. Point to Dollar Conversion 

  • The points you earn for your content reads/views and community engagement are totaled and compared to the total points for reads/views of all content and community engagement on KnoWEwell each calendar month.
  • You will earn revenues each calendar month based on various performance factors, including the relative performance of your reads/views and community engagement and the amount of KnoWEwell net membership subscription revenue for the calendar month.
  • KnoWEwell will send your payment for fees earned within 60 days of the end of each month.
  • You will have access to a personalized dashboard, where you can view your engagement and published content performance and earning statistics for the current month and cumulative lifetime. Thus as the community continues to grow through KnoWEwell's multifaceted strategic growth plans (e.g. KnoWEwell Referred Benefits Program, collaborative partnerships, employer/employee benefits, and more) your readership and earnings will continue to grow.



KnoWEwell's Referred Benefits Program

Upon your approval into the Thought Leaders Consortium Program, you will be given exclusive early access to KnoWEwell's Referred Benefits Program, plus exclusive VIP lifetime referral fees. This opportunity to share the benefits of KnoWEwell memberships with your networks has the potential to grow the members with whom you can engage, the reads/views of your content, and the pool available for earnings from the Thought Leaders Consortium Program.

Sell Your Learning Courses

You have an opportunity to resell your existing learning courses through KnoWEwell’s Education Center that is available to members and the public, as well as to create new courses with KnoWEwell. For more information call KnoWEwell at 1.855.593.9355 or email us at

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KnoWEwell is a market-leading organization with the vision, leadership, and business model to transform healthcare and grow the Regenerative Whole Health market. If you are an accredited investor and would like more information about investing in KnoWEwell, you can schedule a meeting with KnoWEwell's CEO and Founder here.

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