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Sep 21, 2021

Press Release

Regenerative Whole Health: Transforming Healthcare Together

News Briefs
Nov 28, 2023

KnoWEwell P.B.C., an award-winning, B Certified pending corporation and 1% for the Planet member, is the global Regenerative Whole Health™ benefits and services company.

The company operates, the community and marketplace for Regenerative Whole Health. is the trusted online destination for today’s global healing, health, and well-being knowledge and resources. KnoWEwell is uniting the ecosystem to prevent harm, address the root causes of chronic diseases, and inspire and empower individuals to achieve WELLthier Living™ – happy, healthy, abundant, purpose-filled living.

We are on a mission to transform healthcare, as we share knowledge and healing success stories, offer access to screened, verified and background-checked RWH practitioners, provide expert-led and peer-reviewed content and evidence-based resources, create meaningful connections, and help today’s providers, and mission-aligned nonprofits and businesses prosper.

Together We Are Transforming Healthcare.

“We are on a mission to transform healthcare. Rooted and united through love of humanity and our planet, KnoWEwell provides peace of mind to people throughout their life’s journey by creating one single source of truth for Regenerative Whole Health - all of today’s global healing, health, medicine and well-being approaches, therapies, and innovations that address the connections between our planet and the whole unique person (mind, body, and spirit). We’re bringing together the fragemented industry – Functional Medicine, Integrative Health and Wellness, Personalized Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Traditional World Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and Genetics – in a collaborative manner with respect and benefits for all in the ecosystem to make a materially positive impact on society, our local and global communities, and our environment.

"As a member, your diverse and inclusive health benefits include a global network of screened Regenerative Whole Health practitioners, evidence-based educational resources, and immersive learning opportunities that connect the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices, planet and people health,” says founder and CEO, Kimberly Whittle.

KnoWEwell shares knowledge and healing success stories; provides access to trusted Regenerative Whole Health practitioners (screened, verified, and background-checked);  and delivers expert-led and peer-reviewed multi-media content and evidence-based resources. The company is helping members create meaningful connections, and helping today’s practitioners and mission-aligned nonprofits and businesses prosper.

Individuals purchase KnoWEwell Regenerative Whole Health benefits directly or obtain them through employers or other organizations. They create their personal profiles based on their interests, join their preferred Regenerative Whole Health topic groups, and search for trusted practitioners based on advanced health filters. They also can access KnoWEwell’s Knowledge Center of evidence-based resources and access a growing list of expert-led educational Regenerative Whole Health programs (currently more than 45). With access to the Education Center, Silver members can create their own personal learning libraries. Members who upgrade to a Gold membership unlock access to the vast Natural MedicinesTM database, the most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements and natural medicines with information on 185,000+ commercial brand products.

Practitioner members can join individually or obtain KnoWEwell practitioner membership through one of our Collaborative Partner Organizations. Upon joining, all practitioners are screened by KnoWEwell, and the credentials of Silver and Gold members are further verified and background-checked by Universal Background Screening, an industry-leading firm. Approved practitioners become searchable in the community with a comprehensive professional profile and ability to include a video introduction to showcase their knowledge. Silver and Gold member practitioners will additionally have their screened business profile appear in the community, with the ability to submit content for publication in any of’s 85 Regenerative Whole Health topic groups. They also can take advantage of the multi-media publishing, marketing, and promotion services, and be a featured expert for webcasts.

KnoWEwell enables practitioner professionals as well as mission-aligned nonprofits and businesses to list employment opportunities in their profiles. Community members can apply for these positions directly through KnoWEwell’s interface.

KnoWEwell’s multi-media publishing services are designed to facilitate thought leadership. Articles, videos, and other multi-media content are published in the community and amongst the 85 moderated Regenerative Whole Health topic groups, and are available through advanced filtering using Power Search. Experts are featured in webcasts and can create learning courses, which can be offered to the community.

KnoWEwell offers business services for mission-aligned nonprofits, professional provider organizations, colleges, universities, and hospitals. These organizations can take advantage of the only community and marketplace designed for the benefit for the Regenerative Whole Health ecosystem (individuals, practitioners, employers, nonprofits, professional organizations, industry trade, scientists, researchers, and organic farmers). By utilizing KnoWEwell as their private membership management platform and marketing solution, these organizations benefit from KnoWEwell’s network, integrated plans, subscription management services, and integrated technology, as well as lead generation and a collaborative support team to help grow their membership and improve member engagement.  

KnoWEwell is uniquely designed to facilitate the transformation of healthcare by addressing individual and global health, economic, social, and environmental crises. It uniquely combines the business models, features, and functionalities of market leaders in other industries (i.e., LinkedIn,, WebMD, NEJM, Indeed, Facebook, Medium, Apple News) into one platform solution to create a new market-leading organization for Regenerative Whole Health.

In addition, KnoWEwell is designed to make a materially positive impact on humanity and our planet. KnoWEwell was founded by a mom with five sons with a decade-long series of family health crises that lead her into deep research and nationwide travel to health and medicine conferences. Blessed with her family’s healing through a multitude of healing approaches and therapies, and with gratitude to the professional practitioner organizations and the industry of practitioners and providers that helped her family heal, she formed KnoWEwell to give back and pay it forward through the creation of the KnoWEwell and its unique Five Pillars of Giving.

“KnoWEwell is purposefully designed to take responsibility and make a positive impact on the underserved, society, the planet, and the factors influencing personal health and well-being today. KnoWEwell donates 1% of its net revenues to mission-aligned nonprofit organizations that support WELLthier Living, and another 1% to 1% for the Planet. In addition, we donate 10% of net profits from our Health Store sales, plus 10% of net membership sales to the KnoWEwell Regenerative Whole Health Fund to help individual members cover out-of-pocket costs of the services offered by KnoWEwell’s trusted practitioners members,says founder and CEO, Kimberly Whittle.



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