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Dec 08, 2022

Food, Farming and Nutrition

Corruption Designed To Fool You And Your Family About GMOs - Episode 150

Mar 24, 2023

Corruption Designed To Fool You And Your Family About GMOs - Episode 150

Length Posted on December 8, 2022


In today's episode Jeffrey dives into the absolute corruption of science and scientists when Monsanto first released Roundup for widespread use.  In the early studies submitted by Monsanto in 1985 the EPA clearly saw in an IARC report that rodents exposed to low doses of Roundup were developing some tumors and developing more tumors with higher doses.  The EPA and IARC wanted to label it as a possible carcinogen.  This was not the end for Monsanto; over the course of many decades Monsanto engaged in an entire marketing campaign to discredit these studies.  Included in their plan was:

  • "Orchestrate Outcry"
  • Industry outreach to media
  • Third-party experts blog, op/ed, tweet, link, repost, retweet, etc.
  • Use front groups
  • Have grower associations write to regulators
  • Opinion leader write letter to daily newspaper on day of IARC ruling
  • Ghost write or inspire supporting research papers

And so much more, including paying off scientists and EPA executives like Jess Rowland.

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