Food, Farming and Nutrition

Sep 08, 2022

Food, Farming and Nutrition

Urgent Imperative: Prevent Release Of Genetically Engineered Microbes - Part 1 - Episode 144

Jun 04, 2023

Urgent Imperative- Prevent Release Of Genetically Engineered Microbes- Part 1- Episode 144

Length Posted on September 8, 2022


In today's episode Jeffrey discusses the latest compelling evidence for switching to an organic diet.  The latest evidence shows a correlation between the increase of the use of Roundup and other pesticides and the increase of a whole host of health problems.  Problems like gut inflammation, fatigue, obesity, brain fog, anxiety, depression and many others.

Jeffrey also talks about his new film, Secret Ingredients which tracks a series of families who switch to organic diets and find their health problems like autism and infertility, among others, miraculously clearing up.


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